10 Easy Ways to Boost Summer Literacy

Summer is just around the corner — or for some of us it’s already here! For many of us the summer months are filled with sunshine, outdoor fun, camps, family trips, and relaxation. That time off from school is a well-deserved break from packed-full daily routines and the stresses of fitting everything in. But what happens during these months when kids don’t have the structure and educational input that keeps them growing and learning? You may have heard of the “summer slide,” or the idea that students can regress over the summer, even fall back several reading levels. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for expensive academic programs to help your child maintain progress. You can help minimize the risk of falling back by incorporating some easy and fun literacy activities into your daily routines. Below are some kid and family friendly ways to boost your literacy action over the summer, while still having time to have fun in the sun!

1. Visit the library

No matter where you are in the world, chances are your city or town has a local library where you can access books and programming for kids for free! Making regular trips to the library helps kids surround themselves with books, and they are bound to find something they will like there. Most libraries have summer programming — story hours, book clubs — for kids, so check out your local branch today.

2. Cook Together

Your child can help prepare meals by writing a grocery list, finding the correct items in the store, and reading the recipe aloud during cooking time. You could even create menus together for each meal!

3. Send Postcards

Are you going on a trip? Have your child write postcards to friends and family. This will help kids learn that we write to communicate with others for many purposes. You can even send postcards from places you visit around your local area.

4. Send Emails

Do you have friends and relatives in other places? Keep in touch with them by writing emails together with your child. Update your loved ones about your day, tell them about books you have read, send them a list of your favorite things. You can write about anything in an email!

5. Plant a Garden and Create an Observation Journal

Summer is the perfect time to try out your green thumb. You and your child can read the directions for planting seeds, label the plants, and keep a record of the growth each day. You could even write down recipes you make with the vegetables you grow.

6. Read Aloud to your child every day

Create a routine around reading together. Is it first thing in the morning? Just before bed? Right after dinner? Make a plan for which books you will read, or choose a chapter book that will last you a week or two. As you read, be sure to talk to your child about the book. What’s going on in the story? What do you think of this character? What would you do in this situation? Don’t forget-you can read informational books, as well!

7. Listen to Audio Books

At home, in the car, on the plane — audio books are entertaining and educational. Check your local library for free audio books.

8. Listen to music and sing along

Songs are an amazing resource for language development. Really pay attention to the lyrics. They are like complex poems, rich with all kinds of language features-rhyming, phrasing, metaphors, new vocabulary. You can change the lyrics to your favorite songs or even make up your own songs.

9. Read Everywhere

Words are everywhere around you all the time! Start pointing out words and letters to your child as you drive or walk down the street. Play a game of i-spy to see who can find a word or letter first. Once you open up your child’s eyes to the world of words, they will never stop reading!

10. Play on Lalilo

Did you know Lalilo is free for students to use over the summer? Kids can practice letters and sounds, build and read words, and listen to stories on our app. Get an access code from your child’s teacher or create a parent account to get started today!

Are you a teacher or a parent?

Print out the quick guide to summer literacy activities below and take it with you on all your summer adventures!

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  1. Hello, I’m curious about kids free access over the summer. My son’s class has been using Lalilo since the schools have been closed. Is the summer app something different then the program he is currently using? Is there a way to just continue using the program he is in now, keeping all his progress. He has been behind in his reading and language skills and Lalilo is helping him catch up, so we would like to continue the program through the summer.

    1. Your child will be able to access all the lessons in Lalilo all summer! Check in with the teacher to make sure they still have an account for your child and you should be good to go. 🙂

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