11 Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Classroom Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is always a big deal in elementary school. Exchanging cards and giving gifts is so exciting. However, the sugar high from all that candy can cause some serious chaos. If you want to lessen the sugar overload in your room this year, try one of these easy (and cheap) gifts for your class. They are all candy-free!

Melted Crayon Hearts Use up leftover crayons to make this fun and unique valentine gift. 

Valentine Cuties Grab a bag of cuties for an easy and sweet Valentine’s gift.

I Spy Valentine’s Cards Print these free cards that double as a gift and an activity for a Valentine’s Day classroom party.

Highlighters These highlighter Valentine’s cards are bright and fun and a cool way to get kids excited about classroom supplies.

Valentine’s Word Search Print these on bring paper and let kids go nuts! You can even make your own and sneak in some vocab words. 

Valentine’s Jokes Your kids will have fun folding these and telling jokes to each other. All you need to do is print them out!

Color Your Own Bookmarks Cute and useful bookmarks that your kids can color and customize. Just print them out and mount them on construction paper. Add a couple crayons or smelly markers if you’re feeling generous.

Valentine’s Pencils or Pens A cute way to sneak some more classroom supplies to your students. Check the Dollar Store or Target for cute and inexpensive seasonal pens and pencils.

Valentine’s Day Glow Sick Glow sticks are a quick and easy gift for Valentine’s day that are always a big hit with kids. 

Valentine’s Day Straws These straws are so cute and you can usually find them at the Dollar Store. Print out these cute cards to go along with them. 

Valentine’s Day Slime What kid isn’t obsessed with slime? You can even make the slime together during your Valentine’s party and students can take them home in whatever cute containers you can find. 

What are your favorite gifts to give your students on Valentine’s Day? Comment below and share how do you celebrate with your class.

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