Distance Learning With Lalilo

As schools are closing and the COVID-19 crisis becomes more and more uncertain, we want teachers to know we are here to help you navigate distance learning. If the process of moving your teaching practice online feels overwhelming, here are a few ways Lalilo can help. 

Easy Sign Up and Class Creation

Lalilo makes it really quick and easy to set up your class. You can create as many classes as you need. Once you create a class, you can add students and get started using Lalilo for distance learning. Check out this video to see how to sign up and create a class in less than 5 minutes!

Inviting Parents

Our parent invites make it easy for parents to create an account so your students can keep working on phonics, sight words, word families and reading comprehension safely at home. To access the parent invites, go to the resources page and click invite parents. You will see a list of your students and a link to send to parents to help them sign up for home access. Watch the video below for step by step instructions for inviting parents to Lalilo. 

Easy Parent Accounts for Home Access

Once you have sent the invitation link to parents, they can easily create an account using their email and their individual parent code. The parent code is different from the school code you normally use in the classroom. Parent codes allow parents connect directly to their child’s account. Here’s a quick video that walks through the parent account process. This can be a great resource to send to parents to help them troubleshoot any login issues.

Monitor Student Progress Remotely on the Teacher Dashboard

With Lalilo premium, you will have access to more student data than you normally do in the free version. The data for sight words, word families and reading comprehension lessons are available along with phonics data. You can access all the data easily by choosing the content tabs at the top of your teacher dashboard. This data can help inform your lessons and will make tracking student progress quick and easy.  You can use this data to create small groups, adjust whole group instruction, as well as report student performance to school administrators and families.

Create Custom Assignments

The assignments feature is also available with a premium membership. This handy tool allows you to assign any lesson on Lalilo to individuals, small groups or the whole class. This is super valuable for distance learning because you can assign lessons to the whole class that you were already planning to teach. You can also use this feature to assign independent practice to accompany any small group lessons or activities you may be doing with your students. Using the data in your dashboard, you can also use this feature to reassign lessons your students have been struggling with to provide extra practice. Watch the video below and learn how to use this awesome tool.

Track Student Engagement with the Activity Calendar

We have just added an exciting new feature to the teacher dashboard! It is the student activity calendar. It will show you the amount of time each student spends on Lalilo both at school and at home. This will make it easier to monitor progress and time spent learning remotely.  To access this feature click on the details button on your teacher dashboard next to a student’s tiles. This will bring you to the activity calendar page. You can hover on a date to see how much time a student has spent working on Lalilo. Check out the video below to see how it look in the teacher dashboard. 

Lalilo’s Distance Learning Webinar

To learn even more about how Lalilo can help you with distance learning, register to join our free live webinar! You’ll be able to see how all the features work and ask all your questions. There are multiple dates and times available so click below to register for a time that works for you.

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  1. Good morning,

    I recently created my Lalilo teacher account but would like to make sure that my co-teacher has access as well. How can I do this? I am not finding the correct information online.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Aziza! If you can. please contact our support team on the chat within your Teacher Dashboard, they can help you troubleshoot this issue.

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