Using Lalilo for Distance Learning Read-Alouds

One of my favorite things to do with my students was always read aloud. Distance learning can make that challenging. Especially if you are not able to access your classroom and your books! Lalilo can provide a super simple and fun solution. Read on to learn how to use Lalilo for distance learning read-alouds.

Choose a Video Conferencing Platform

First, you’ll need a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Google Meet. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it first before trying it out with your students. Your school or district might even have one that they recommend. If you aren’t sure, check out our article How to Use Zoom for Distance Learning to get started. Once you have gotten comfortable with a video conferencing platform, create a meeting and invite your students.

Create a Reading Assignment in Lalilo

Head to your Lalilo account, or sign up here. Click on the assignments feature and take a look through all the comprehension books. We have books available from F&P level A-M. Choose the ones you like and assign them to yourself using the Lilo Demo student.

Next, head to the student view and choose Lilo Demo. From there, you’ll be able to view the books you assigned to yourself. Make sure you have completed the placement test first so that the assignment will come up on your map. Work through the books and plan your read-alouds as you would with a physical book. Lalilo will ask comprehension questions as you go, and you can include more discussion questions and direct instruction. When you have worked through the books and planned your read aloud, take note of the book titles. Last, go back to the assignment feature and choose the first read aloud you’d like to do with your students.

Presenting the Read-Aloud to Students

Now that your read-aloud is planned and your students have been invited to the meeting, it’s time to prepare for your lesson. Double-check on your assignments page that you have assigned the desired book to the Lilo Demo Account. Review the questions you will ask during the read aloud and make sure you have all your teaching notes handy. When it’s time for the lesson, log into your video conferencing software. In a second tab, log into your Lalilo account. Navigate to the student view and then choose the Lilo Demo account. When you are ready to start your read aloud, share your screen in the video conference app. It’s a good idea to mute Lalilo while you read if you prefer to read to the students yourself.

When you are ready for the next read aloud, assign the book to yourself again and schedule another session with your students. You can even assign the book to students after the read-aloud to review.

Watch This Step-by-Step Video for Distance Learning Read-Alouds on Lalilo

How are you doing read-alouds during distance learning? Comment below with your best tips and tools for read-alouds. Happy reading!

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