Distance Learning Lesson Plans for 1st Grade

If you are looking for lesson plans for distance learning or summer work for your students, give these lesson plans a try! All the websites used in these plans are free and can be easily accessed. You’ll find 3 full weeks of lessons covering every subject.

Reading Lessons

KidTimeStoryTime Youtube & Starfall: Students will listen to a read aloud on KidTimeStoryTime and then choose 2 books to read independently on Starfall.

Word Work Lessons

Lalilo: Create a teacher account, add your student and then email the parent invites. Students work independently on their lessons and exercises for 20 minutes per day. You can also assign listening comprehension and independent reading books to your students on lalilo too! That way everyone is getting an extra dose of reading everyday. Check out this article for more info about using Lalilo for Distance Learning

Math Lessons

Khan Academy: Students will watch direct instruction videos specific to 1st grade math standards, then complete practice exercises. You can create a class and add all your students if you want to track their progress. If not, kids can simply work on the lessons and exercises for practice without creating an account.

Writing Lessons

Offline Writing Prompts: Student read the prompt for the day and work on writing offline.

Science Lessons

Mystery Science: Student will work on science lessons for free on Mystery Science. Parents can sign up here and create a free account using their email address.

Social Studies Lessons

Brain Pop Jr: Parents can create a free account here so that students can watch videos and complete activities and games. 

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