Funding Sources for Purchasing Lalilo Premium

We are so glad you are considering bringing Lalilo Premium to your school or district and we are excited to partner with you in achieving your academic goals. We understand that finding extra resources in your budget can be extremely challenging, but we are committed to helping you find funding to support purchasing Lalilo and meet your achievement goals. 

State and Private Grants

We recommend starting by looking at your state’s Department of Education website for state specific grant opportunities. In addition there are many private education grants available. Visit GetEdFunding for a searchable database of education grants that your school or district might be eligible for. Also, keep in mind your Lalilo purchase qualifies for all of the following federal funding sources.

Title I

Title I provides funding to schools that serve students from low income families for intervention, curriculum, supplemental programs, teachers, professional development etc. Programs must be intended to help students who are at risk of failing, but can also benefit the whole school. Title I can provide funds to purchase Lalilo as it is a supplemental literacy program that is perfect for providing targeted intervention to at risk students. More information about Title I funding can be found at the Title I, Part A Program website.

Title III: Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant Students

Title III funds can be used on programs and services that intend to increase English language proficiency for students who are not native English speakers. This can be used for supplemental programs, technology, professional development or anything that can help supplement your schools language instructional program to support the language acquisition. Lalilo’s phonics and phonemic awareness lessons along with vocabulary building are ideal for offering this support for your English Language Learners. Learn more about Title III at the English Language Acquisition State Grants website.

IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

This act provides funding for schools to purchase materials that can help students with disabilities work on their individual goals and help special education teachers monitor student progress. Lalilo supports this through both systematic phonics lessons and detailed student data which is perfect for progress monitoring on IEP goals. Visit the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) website for more information.

CARES Act: COVID-19 Relief Funding

The United States Congress recently passed new legislation to provide relief funds to aid the COVID-19 crisis. Funding for schools is included in the law and can be used to support schools in managing this crisis and purchasing tools to support distance learning. Lalilo is the perfect aid to your school’s distance learning plan because students can easily access Lalilo at home or at school. Plus, teachers can monitor student progress remotely and create custom assignments for their whole class, individuals or small groups. Check your state’s department of education website to find more specifics on the amount of funds that have been allocated to your state as well as how to access and use them. You can also visit Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund – Office of Elementary and Secondary Education to learn more. 

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