5 Ways Lalilo can support Hybrid teaching

If you are wondering how to make Hybrid teaching work this year, you are not alone! Luckily Lalilo is here to make things a bit easier. Check out 5 easy ways to implement Lalilo into your Hybrid learning plan. 

1. Home Access and Daily Activity Monitoring

Normally when we are in school, you can look out into your classroom and see whether or not kids are on task. With remote and hybrid teaching that’s likely not the case. Especially since you want to maximize instruction on the day’s students are actually with you in the building. That means much of the independent practice will need to take place at home. Lalilo’s student activity calendar makes it easy for you to see exactly how much time your students are working on Lalilo each day. You can also see a report on the specific lessons students did during that time. You can even see their success rate on each lesson and an error analysis report to help you inform your instruction.

2. Remote Data Progress Monitoring

Speaking of data-driven instruction, Lalilo provides tons of data to help you plan your teaching to suit your students’ needs. Each lesson is represented by tiles in the teacher dashboard, and are color-coded with mastery levels to make it clear who needs help with what. There is also an error analysis for every student’s performance on each lesson.

3. Creating Small Groups

You can use this data to quickly and easily create flexible groups for reteaching and intervention. Since small group work will be important with both fully remote and hybrid teaching, all this data is sure to set you and your students up for success. Look through the columns in your dashboard. Do you notice any trends for individual lessons or lesson clusters? Take note of which students are struggling with a particular skill or concept and you’ve created your reteaching and intervention groups!

4. Planning Instruction

Often it can be a real challenge for teachers to be able to diagnose the precise skill or concept that students are struggling with. Not knowing what the precise problem is can result in your reteaching and intervention lessons being less effective. This leaves both teachers and students feeling frustrated and unsuccessful. Lalilo can help solve this problem because it presents specific skill and concept-based data that can easily be turned into targeted objectives and teaching points. For example, if you notice a handful of students in your class who all struggled with the same lesson or cluster of lessons, you can use the error analysis reports and preview the lesson in the student view to help you plan a specific and targeted lesson to reteach the group. You can even assign the lesson again to students after reteaching and see how they progress.

5. Support Direct Instruction and Guided Practice

Lalilo can also support your remote or hybrid teaching by helping support your direct instruction and/or guided practice. You can use any lesson in Lalilo to as a supplement to your existing core ELA curriculum. Try working through a Lalilo lesson or comprehension book with your whole class or a small group. Not only is it fun and engaging for the students, but it will also help ease some of your planning. Plus since Lalilo is a web-based program, you can work on lessons together with your students during a virtual meeting. Just select the lesson you want to use for your direct instruction or guided practice, share your screen, and press play!

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  1. Help!
    My daughter has been switched to remote learning with different teacher and a teacher from a totally different school. She has also been using Lalilo and now that my daughter is in a different class has to start all over and doesn’t want to even bother with Lalilo because her progress is not transferred and is completely frustrated and refuses to start all over. Is there some way that this is possible to transfer her progress with everything changing and the challenges children are facing due to the pandemic let’s not discourage let’s help and find some way to help me help her by finding a way to transfer her progress and keep her moving on with over 60 badges and ecstatic.

    Please is there some way to transfer her progress

    Thank you
    Concerned Mom Liz

    1. Hi Liz! Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying Lalilo! If you send a to our support team in the chat on the app, we can help connect you from there.

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