A Guide To Lalilo’s Premium Features

If you have been using the free version of Lalilo and are thinking about upgrading to our premium subscription, here’s a summary of all the great features you’ll have access to with a Lalilo Premium.

More Data

With Lalilo premium, you will have access to even more student data. In the free version of Lalilo, students work on phonics, sight words, word families, reading comprehension and grammar lessons. The free teacher dashboard displays all the phonics data. With a premium membership, The data for sight words, word families, reading comprehension and grammar lessons are available too. All this extra data can help inform your lessons and makes tracking student progress quick and easy.  You can use this data to create small groups, adjust whole group instruction, as well as report student performance to school administrators and families.

Activity Tracker

You can view a calendar that shows student individual activity on Lalilo by clicking on the details button on your teacher dashboard. The activity calendar gives you an overview of what students have been working on for any given day. Select a date on the calendar at the top of the page and see a detailed view of the activities students completed. You can also see how many questions the student answered correctly as well as how long they spent on each activity. You can also access an error analysis for each lesson.

Standards Reporting

On the same details page, you will also find the standards report for each student. Here you can see a students progress on each of the foundational skills standards. For each standard, you will see a proficiency score as well as the amount of time a student has spent working on that standards and the number of questions they have answered for that standard. You can also filter the standards by grade level. The standards report can be super helpful for standards based report cards, data talks and reporting to administrators.

Custom Assignments

The assignments feature is also available with a premium membership. This handy tool allows you to assign any lesson on Lalilo to individuals, small groups or the whole class. This is super valuable for distance learning because you can assign lessons to the whole class that you were already planning to teach. You can also use this feature to assign independent practice to accompany any small group lessons or activities you may be doing with your students. Use the added data available through premium to reassign lessons your students have been struggling with and provide extra practice. 

If you haven’t started using Lalilo for your students, Click here to sign up!

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  1. Our school is looking into a Lalilo subscription for next school year. Can you please let me know the cost of a yearly subscription?

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