More Insights Available on the Class Snapshot

We’ve added new tools to the Class Snapshot, a Lalilo Premium feature, to easily check your students’ weekly activity and quickly assess which students struggled with specific content. 

Student Activity Widget

The Student Activity Widget allows you to see which students were active or inactive on Lalilo for the week (Monday-Sunday). You can view the number of minutes spent and the number of questions answered along with the last login date.

Here are some efficient actions you can take from this widget:

Check Usage

If you assign Lalilo as independent work, this is a straightforward way to check whether your students are completing their assignments, especially if you’re teaching remotely or in a hybrid setting. Use the sort arrows at the top of each column to rearrange the data. See who answered the most questions or spent the most time, and filter by date to see who logged on today.

Get a Sense of Engagement and Understanding

As you probably know, Lalilo exercises are quick, and it doesn’t take long to answer each question. With the information here, you can get an idea of how quickly students work through the content. If you see a student has spent a long time and hasn’t answered many questions, you might want to look more closely at that student’s work for the week on their student details page to see if they need some motivation or intervention.

For example, if you see Jonah has only answered five questions in 45 minutes, you might want to look at what lessons he’s working on that are taking longer expected.

Remind Inactive Students

Click on the “Inactive” tab to see which students haven’t logged on this week. If these are students who should be logging on, check in with them or send them a reminder to log in and continue their progress through the Lalilo Worlds.

Compare to Last Week

You can switch the data between this week and last week by making a selection from the drop-down at the top of the page. Do you have a class goal to get everyone working on Lalilo each week? Use this data to motivate your students, and let them know you’re keeping an eye out! You can also compare students from week to week—let them know you notice when their minutes have gone up, and keep up the great work!

Needs Support Widget

Lalilo teachers designed the Needs Support widget to help alert you to students who are most in need of intervention. Here you’ll see students who have a success rate below 50% across their lessons for the week. Click on a student’s name to see which lessons they’ve worked on and how they’re performing. To get more detailed information on these lessons, go to the student’s detail page.

Have Feedback?

We’d love to hear what you think. Click here to let us know how you use these tools and what you’d like to see in the next versions of the Class Snapshot page.

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