Why You Should Renew Lalilo Premium

Can’t believe it’s already that time of year? Same here! Don’t worry. We put together some resources that will help remind you and your team why you should stay with Lalilo Premium and why you might have chosen us in the first place! Let’s stay together and keep it simple for these three reasons. We’ve come a long way from where we started last year. Over the past year, we’ve added new content and features designed to help drive your literacy instruction. With Lalilo Premium, you can access all the latest and greatest literacy learning created by and for educators. And finally, we’re kid-tested and teacher-approved.

New Features & Content Added

Here are some features that might not have existed when you signed up for Lalilo Premium, but we rolled them out over the year. Keep Lalilo Premium to reap all these benefits. 

Student Activity Widget

The Student Activity Widget allows you to see which students were active or inactive on Lalilo for the week (Monday-Sunday). You can view the number of minutes spent and the number of questions answered along with the last login date. Learn more.

Needs Support Widget

Lalilo teachers designed the Needs Support widget to help alert you to students who are most in need of intervention. Here you’ll see students who have a success rate below 50% across their lessons for the week. Click on a student’s name to see which lessons they’ve worked on and how they’re performing. To get more detailed information on these lessons, go to the student’s detail page. Learn more.

New Grammar and Conventions Content

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to bring Grammar and Conventions lessons to our Lalilo students. We realize this content is tricky for many students, and we know it’s one of those things teachers seldom have enough time to teach well, so we’re trying to help you out by providing instructional books to teach about many of these topics. Learn more.

Standards-based Reporting

As you may have seen, Standards-Based Reporting is live! This new feature allows you to track student performance based on foundational reading standards. We also streamlined the dashboard to view students’ details from the left-hand sidebar easily. 

We expanded our standards report to include detailed data per student on individual standards. Click on “see more” next to each standard to check out how your students are doing on the CCSS Foundational Reading standards on which they worked.

Access the Latest and Greatest

Here’s a sneak preview of what we plan to roll out in the following school year. Remember, by renewing, you’ll be able to keep all your student’s data and access all the new features of Lalilo, which is excellent because Lalilo is continuously adding new features to Lalilo Premium, as you saw from above.

An even more detailed answer report 🤩

This new error analysis page will allow teachers to connect the dots between students’ conceptual misconceptions and concrete errors. Teachers will select orange and red tiles to support students’ mastery of phonics, sight words, comprehension, and grammar. Additionally, with this new answer report, teachers will be able to choose the skill and preview the exercise students do themselves. What do you think? We can’t wait to share more updates with you!

A built-out Class Snapshot Page 🤩

We’re currently building a highly intuitive, robust class summary snapshot page, which shows a comprehensive birds-eye view of your classroom learning stats. You’ll soon be able to get even more data at a glance per class, from the number of active and inactive students to lesson proficiency—it’s a teacher’s command center dream! 

An amped-up Admin-user Dashboard 🤩

We are working on a new and improved Admin-user dashboard! Now, as an admin user, you will be able to see an in-depth overview of your district, school(s), and even class details from usage to performance and growth over time. You’ll also be able to view active and inactive teachers to best support your team and, not to mention, ensure the success of your student’s literacy outcomes. 

We’re Kid-Tested, Teacher-Approved

We believe Lalilo is a world-class literacy tool, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some fellow Lalilo teachers have to say about Lalilo Premium.

Helen F.

Multi-Grade Teacher

Lalilo is a very engaging, yet challenging reading program. I love that the students are able to take a placement test at the beginning. This added feature differentiates the program for each student, enabling them to begin at their level and advance at their own pace based on their skill level. My students have been using Lalilo for 6 years now, on and off, and I have seen so many amazing changes to the program that have only served to make it more user friendly for both the students and the teachers based on feedback obtained from questions they have asked. Lalilo creators care about their program, how it is played and how it benefits students – ultimately how it will help students become better readers and have fun at the same time. THIS is why I rated, and will always rate, Lalilo a 10. It is amazing.

Suzanne B.

Multi-Grade Teacher

Lalilo is a very complete and comprehensive ELA program, fantastic for all student levels and abilities in Grades TK-2nd, and it is WONDERFUL for remediation and RTI for grades 1st-6th!

Kimberly V.

First Grade Teacher

Our school is currently using other programs that are ranked high on my list and give great feedback, however, after discussing the positives I was experiencing with the other programs with another colleague of mine, she suggested this website. She stated it was much better than the ones I was bragging about! I took her at her word and Yes! It is so true! You guys are rocking it! Thank you for providing this program and making it so easy to use!

To update us on your plans, fill out this form for a renewal quote request HERE. We thank you for your partnership and look forward to the opportunity of building a love of reading for your students next school year!

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