Spring Break Reading Log for Primary Students

Spring Break is just around the corner for many schools! Ensure your students keep track of their reading while they are at home on vacation during Spring Break. Download and print or send this spring break reading log electronically, so students keep reading every day.

While your students may be getting excited (and a little antsy) about “no school,” spring break is a great time to teach your students how much fun reading can be. Sending your students home with a spring break reading log, as opposed to a reading list, will give them and their families the freedom to choose what they want to read and when.

We designed this spring break reading log to be as flexible as possible. While we didn’t include any pre-filled reading goals, studies have shown that reading for 15-20 minutes a day can dramatically increase children’s reading gains.

To set your students up for success even more, you can also write their Lalilo Home Code on their reading log so students can read on Lalilo at home over the break. To learn more about sharing this code with your students’ families, check out How To Access Lalilo at Home.

Lalilo Spring Break Reading Log

Looking for other resources for you students this Spring Break? Check out our 10 Easy Ways to Boost Literacy.

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