New and Improved Lalilo Answer Report

We are very excited to announce a new and improved Lalilo Answer Report page (to replace the errors page) on your Lalilo Teacher Dashboard! This page allows you to see detailed information about how your students are learning and practicing on Lalilo. Now you can see the exact questions students answered and how. You can even click to experience the actual content from the Student View!

How to View the Lalilo Answer Report Most Efficiently

Access the Answer Report by clicking on any colored tile from your dashboard or on the eyeball icon next to any lesson in the Individual Student View.

Consonant Digraph Lesson Tile from on the Lalilo Teacher Dashboard
Individual Student View Highlighting How to Access the Lalilo Answer Report

 Answers are organized by lesson and by date. For each date, you’ll see each instruction type a student worked on.

The colors on the left side of the instruction tell you the student’s success rate with that particular exercise (Red = <50%, Yellow = 50-79 %, Green = >80%).

Example Exercise Success Rate from the Lalilo Answer Report

Click on any instruction to expand it and see all of the questions completed within that exercise.

For each question, you’ll see the content presented to the student in text, audio, or image. You’ll also see the answer choices and the answers the student chose. If you see a red x or multiple red x’s along with a green check, it means the student had multiple attempts before arriving at the correct answer.

Click on “View Exercise” on the right side of any question to go directly to the student view to see that content!

What can I do with this data?

Get a sense of time. You can use the dates to see how many sessions a student has spent working on this content and for how long they’ve been attempting it. If you see a student has attempted the same lesson over a period of more than two weeks or across more than three days, you can dig deeper to see what’s going on.

Look for growth. You can look through the dates to see when students have attempted each instruction type and compare attempts across time. You might notice that students improve with each session within the same kinds of questions.

Look for patterns. You might notice that students do well with one type of instruction and struggle with another. Why might this be? You might also notice they struggle with or easily recognize the same word across multiple instruction types. You can use what you know about your students’ strengths and growth areas to bring more insight.

Plan instruction. Look for areas where students have struggled. You can use the “View Exercise” link to get an idea of how you can create intervention lessons to target the same skills. You can pull words from these examples to use in your classroom instruction.

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