What’s New on Your Teacher Dashboard: May 2021

You asked, and we answered. We enhanced some of our most beloved features and added more content and reward stories on Lalilo. Check out what’s new on your Teacher Dashboard this month.

Enhanced features

Assignment management

Now you can assign up to five lessons maximum to a student at a time. This enhancement to the assignments feature allows students to benefit from Lalilo’s adaptive learning fully. And now, when students complete all of your assigned lessons, they will return to the automatic progression!

Lalilo Assignments Updates_June 2021

Student recordings in the answer report

You can now hear your students’ recordings directly from the answer report as soon as your students complete a read-aloud exercise. Adding recordings to your answer report will allow you to visually identify any reading mistakes your students make on Lalilo and take action. Pretty cool, right? 

Lalilo read aloud exercise in Answer Report

Head on over to your Teacher Dashboard to hear your students.

New lessons

Our content team has been working hard to get more grammar lessons for your students, as we mentioned. Here are the new grammar and conventions lessons your students can work through. And we released a new phonics lesson this month, too.

New English grammar lessons

New English phonics lesson

New reward stories

We built Lalilo to foster a love of reading, and our reward stories help to do just that. We’ve added quite a few new stories to Lalilo this spring. 

Here’s what’s new: Rhino and Oxpecker, Beetle Builds a Nest, Leopard is Ordinary, Elephant Can’t Jump, Hyena Learns to Lead, Horse on the Lookout, Toothy Rabbit, Fluffy Sheep, and Traveling Goose.

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