Summer Early Literacy Resources

Meeting the challenge of the annual summer slide will be especially important this year. Because of the COVID-19 disruptions, many children missed opportunities to build essential literacy skills this school year. This means you’ll likely have students working at many different levels this fall. As you plan for summer learning, we wanted to share some summer early literacy resources from Lalilo.

Our Summer Early Literacy Resource Kit contains resources, activities, helpful articles, and support information designed to encourage your students to practice their reading and comprehension skills throughout the summer.

This kit includes instructions on getting started with Lalilo and sharing access at home. We are also providing a flyer template that you can use to promote your summer literacy activities.

We’ve rounded up some of our most popular goodies for student and family engagement that your families can use at home. We included a summer reading log, and monthly writing prompt calendars for each month of summer, our Home Bingo kit, sight words flashcard, and more. When families are ready to celebrate, we even included links to our world completion certificates, too!

We are pleased to partner with you to encourage students and families to “Go on an Early Literacy Adventure” with Lalilo this summer! Together, let’s keep students engaged and learning this summer and throughout the year.

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