New Lalilo Validation System

We are always looking for ways to provide more actionable data to help you personalize and drive your literacy instruction. To this end, we are excited to announce these enhancements on your teacher dashboard. These updates provide you with more clarity around how your students are progressing on Lalilo. Your teacher dashboard reflects the new Lalilo validation system and simplified color-coding for lesson progress.

Enhanced lesson validation

A new method for validating lessons

We updated the Lalilo validation system to help you better understand your students’ learning on Lalilo. To validate a lesson on Lalilo, students now must demonstrate mastery on specific validating lessons and complete a minimum number of exercises per lesson. 

Lessons on Lalilo correspond to skills that students need to master. Most lessons contain a series of subskills that support the overall lesson. Within each subskill, a student will work on a variety of exercises to develop that subskill. Exercises can help your students learn new concepts, offer additional practice, or provide different ways to demonstrate their knowledge of a subskill.

In addition to these practice exercises, each subskill also has an assessment exercise. To validate a subskill, the students must show mastery of these assessment exercises. To validate the lesson overall, students must validate each subskill within that lesson by achieving a success rate of 80% or higher on the validation exercises for every subskill and complete a minimum number of exercises.

What your students experience

In the grammar lesson on capitalizing dates, to demonstrate mastery, we have identified three different subskills: capitalizing days, capitalizing months, and writing dates. To validate this lesson, students must demonstrate mastery in each of these subskills.

We have also identified a minimum number of exercises a student must complete to validate each lesson. Adding these minimum exercise numbers to the Lalilo validation system will provide you with a clearer picture of how your students are performing.

With the previous Lalilo validation system, you would see quite a few orange tiles in your dashboard indicating your students achieved 60-79% mastery on these exercises. With this information, it was hard to understand what type of support students needed, if any at all. To alleviate this ambiguity, we’ve also changed the color-coding in your dashboard.

New color-coding on your dashboard

A clear indicator for your students’ performance

We want your teacher dashboard to give you a quick and easy way to personalize your literacy instruction. The simplified color-coding on your dashboard will help you do just that. You will no longer see orange tiles on your teacher dashboard. Instead, you will notice more solid gray tiles. Gray tiles indicate that your students are still learning and working on these lessons. These gray tiles will show up when your students have not completed enough exercises for Lalilo to determine if your students are struggling with this lesson or doing great.

Red lesson tiles indicate that your students are struggling with that lesson. Lalilo highlights this lesson because your students have worked on it for too long without validating it or because their success rate after completing the minimum number of exercises is too low (50% success rate or lower). Red tiles are an indicator that your student needs more support with this particular lesson.

Green lesson tiles still indicate lesson validation. Here your students have completed enough exercises to validate that skill and have demonstrated mastery. 

Lalilo Dashboard—June 2021

A new header on your Answer Report to see lesson completion

You will now see both a Success Rate and a Completion Rate at the top of your Answer Report. These new categories will allow you to follow your students’ lesson progress more closely. You will also see the date the lesson started, the time spent on each lesson, and the number of questions answered. If the number of exercises worked on is above the minimum for the lesson, Lalilo considers that this student needs additional support.  

Lalilo Answer Report Excerpt—June 2021

Click on each exercise to see your student’s answers. To view the exercise, click on View Exercise on the right.

For more insights into what you can do with this data, see our blog post on the new and improved answer report.

Head on over to your teacher dashboard to see these updates.

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