Lessons Worked Widget Added to Class Snapshot

The Lalilo Class Snapshot is even more powerful. We added a new widget on the Class Snapshot page of your Lalilo Teacher Dashboard to help you identify how your students are progressing on Lalilo even faster. With the Lalilo lessons worked widget, you can now see all the lessons your students have worked on for both the current and previous week.

See weekly student performance at-a-glance

In the Lalilo lessons worked widget, you will get a snapshot of your student’s performance for the week. At a glance, you can see how many lessons your students mastered that week, what lessons might be giving them some difficulty, and which lessons are still in progress. You can learn more about the Lalilo validation system in this blog post.

See the lessons worked by week with the new widget on the Class Snapshot page.

Two ways to dive deeper into the data

You can gain more insights into these lessons by clicking on the individual lesson tiles or clicking on the arrow on the right. 

Lalilo lessons worked widget, lesson tile details
Clicking on the lesson tiles lets you drill down deeper into the data for that lesson.

Once you drill down into your students’ weekly lessons, you’ll be able to see which specific lessons they worked on, their success rate, and the number of questions they answered. To dive even further into the data, click on View Answers to see your student’s Answer Report*.

Clicking View Answers on the lessons worked widget will pull up the Answer Report.

From the Answer Report, you can even view the exact exercises your students worked on. For more information about how you can use the Answer Report, check out our blog post.

Lalilo answer report from the Class Snapshot

We designed the Class Snapshot page to give you a quick look at how your students are progressing. If you’re looking to see all historical student lesson data, check out the content tabs on the Dashboard.

Head on over to your teacher dashboard to see how your students are performing on Lalilo.

*The Answer Report is a Lalilo Premium feature. To learn more about Lalilo premium, click here to request a demo.

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