Track Usage with Admin Dashboards and Reports

Ensure all students in your school or district master foundational literacy skills by grade three with Lalilo Admin dashboards and reports. School leaders now can see an in-depth overview of your district, school(s), and even class details from usage to performance and growth over time.

Let’s dive deeper into the data available in the Lalilo admin dashboard and reports.

What information can I see?

Lalilo Admin Dashboard Key Metrics
Track key metrics for all schools and classes

The Admin Report tab of your Lalilo dashboard will display the following key metrics:

  • Enrolled students: number of students rostered on Lalilo over the selected period
  • Active students: number of students who completed at least one exercise over the selected period
  • Percent of active students: the number of active students as compared to the total number of rostered students
  • Minutes per student: average time spent (in minutes) by active students on Lalilo

You can still drill down into individual classes on the Class Report tab. 

Lalilo Admin Dashboard Navigation
Easily navigate between the Admin Report and Class Report

As an admin user, you can track usage for all schools in your district, by school usage, and by class usage.

Lalilo Admin Dashboards Usage per School
Monitor usage data for each school in your district
Lalilo Admin Dashboards Usage per Class
Monitor usage data at the class level

What can I do with this data?

The dashboard allows you to analyze usage during a specific time and filter data by school and by grade. You can even export this data as a CSV file.

Get the most out of Lalilo

Teachers can better implement a blended literacy approach and ensure equitable student outcomes by leveraging innovative technology like Lalilo. Tracking the number of students registered compared to the total licenses available for your school or district will help make sure your students have the best chance at success. By filtering by school or district, you can easily see which schools or classes are underutilizing Lalilo. 

Accelerate student learning

After you have completed your assessments, Lalilo provides a great next step for students with lower seasonal screening scores. The active students metric gives you a snapshot of how many students are using Lalilo in your school or district. Again, by drilling down to the school or class, you can pinpoint which schools and classes are leveraging personalized literacy practice for their students. 

How can I get Admin dashboards and reports for my school or district?

Admin dashboards and reports are a Lalilo Premium feature. If you are already an Admin user of Lalilo, you will see these dashboards the next time you log in. If you are an admin user and not seeing these dashboards, please contact

Bring Lalilo premium to your school or district by requesting a quote today to leverage these admin dashboards.

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