Lalilo January ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar

Writing is a great way to boost literacy in the classroom, and daily writing is even better. We’ve created this free January writing prompt calendar to help your students develop a daily writing habit. If you are currently doing remote or hybrid learning, you can send this writing prompt calendar to families or add it to your Google classroom so kids can write at home. This variety of fiction and non-fiction writing prompts will help your students reflect on the new year, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , and friendship.

Download the Calendar.

If you have a writing journal that you already use with your students, we’ve also included a plain-text list of our January writing prompt calendar below. 

Week 1

  • Write a poem about growing old.
  • If you were a toy, what would you want to be?
  • Would you want to write for a tv show or movie? Why or why not?
  • Do you think people will ever live on another planet?
  • What is your favorite sport? Are you good at it?

Week 2

  • What is the best way to make new friends?
  • If you could set a world record, what would it be for?  Why?
  • Would you rather have a lot of money or be very famous?
  • What is something you keep with you all the time?
  • Write about someone you would like to get to know better.

Week 3

  • Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. each year in January?
  • Write a story about a day at the beach. Describe what you would see and do.
  • Would you rather go on a road trip or take a first-class flight for your next vacation?
  • You had the best day of your life. What happens?
  • What is something you are excited to try?

Week 4

  • Make a list of foods you like you think would go well with peanut butter.
  • How would your parents describe you?
  • What makes your best friend special?
  • How did you learn to play your favorite game? How can you teach others to play it?
  • Write about your dream last night. If you don’t remember, write about a dream you do remember.

Week 5

  • How does writing make you feel?

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