Help students learn to navigate Lalilo

Early learners need a calm, easy-to-navigate platform to keep them engaged and focused on learning. Most students navigate Lalilo autonomously and intuitively, but others might need some guidance. Now, you can offer students a training lesson to help them learn to navigate Lalilo.

The new Lalilo training lesson helps kids better understand the Lalilo user experience. The lesson teaches students the basic activities and question types they’ll encounter on their learning journey to ensure students are focusing all of their time on their reading progression. 

When will students receive the training exercise?

The Lalilo training lesson appears right after the placement test if students start at the beginning of the Lalilo learning progression.

Where can I see my student’s results on the training exercise?

You can also assign the Lalilo training lesson if you notice students are struggling with the mechanics of Lalilo. It can be a great idea to assign the training lesson to students mid-year as a refresher. You can also assign the training lesson to the Lilo Demo student and teach the whole class how to navigate Lalilo if you’d like.

Lalilo training lesson on the phonics dashboard

Premium users can click on the training lesson to see exactly how students answered the questions. This helps educators to understand which activities or question types are still challenging for students.

Click on the training lesson tile to see your students’ answers

What exercise types does the training lesson cover?

The training lesson covers the following templates. Click on the examples below to preview each template in the training lesson.

Teaching students the mechanics and user experience through the training lesson creates a personalized learning experience that is entirely devoted to developing critical early literacy skills for every student.

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